Quality Custom Order Modern Furniture

All pieces available in your choice of fabrics and wood finishes. We use top grade materials throughout and no particle board anywhere.
Sofas can be built in custom sizes and made as sectionals.
We have additional pieces not shown here

See our Boxys in Don Draper's office on AMC's Mad Men
Boxy Sofa
American walnut veneer gives a warm, luxurious look to this perennial favorite.
As with most of our sofas, custom length, chairs, and sectionals are options.

Priced at $2,225 in standard size: H: 32" / D: 34" / L: 81"

An arrangement of Boxy pieces
We are happy to work with you to achieve the look you like.
We can build these in custom lengths, make a sectional or change the veneer.

Chair is priced at $1,175 in standard size: H: 32" / D: 34" / L: 30".
Tables are affordably priced, built to your size requirements.

Hollywood Chair
Our faithful reproduction of a glamorous classic.
Designed by Billy Haines for Joan Crawford's bedroom in 1940.

Priced at $1,350. Size: H: 27" / D: 28" / L: 30".

Continental Sofa
A stylish Sixties look. Broad arms are at the perfect angle to serve as pillows.

Priced at $2,175. Standard size: H: 30" / D: 34" / L: 100".

Bel Aire Sofa
Our most popular.
Combines great style, comfort and affordability.
Easily built as a custom sectional or matching chairs.

Priced at $2,100. Standard size: H: 31" / D: 35" / L: 86."

International Sofa
Like the Bel Aire but with half-length arms for added style.
Also easily made as a sectional.

AMC's Mad Men TV series ordered one for their 2011 season.

Priced at $2,295. Standard size: H: 31" / D: 35" / L: 82."

Deluxe Studio Sofa
Backrest is loose, held up by a wooden horizontal slat supported by two beautiful aluminum castings. Toss it on the floor and you have a guest bed.
Available with or without attached table. Bottom edge of sofa veneered in American Walnut--a gorgeous look with its solid, brushed aluminum legs.

Priced at $1,990 w/o table, $2,180 w/attached table.
Standard size: H: 27" / D: 30" / L: 76" w/o table, 106" w/table.

Boomerang Sofa

Small: 7' wide, $1,850. Medium: 8' wide, $2,175. Large: 9' wide, $2,350.
We also make a round ottoman that fits well with this curvy beauty.

Case Study Platform Bed
A new item, available in Single, Full, Queen or King sizes. Email for prices/sizes

Delta-Magazine Coffee Table
Books and magazines are displayed on lower shelf, well protected from spilled Martinis.
Five-foot length is standard but available in custom lengths.

Two-foot length works great as an end table.
Standard length priced at $1,295 in solid maple, $1,495 in solid walnut.
Standard size: H: 15" / D: 25" / L: 60."

Boomerama Chair

Available in your choice of fabrics and wood finishes

Priced at $895. Standard size: H: 30" / D: 28" / L: 22.

Atom Desk

Wood stains to match your dreams, available keyboard pull-out

Priced at $1,395. Standard size: H: 29" / D: 26.5 at left side, angles to 17" at right / L: 54.5.